No beauty lasts forever. Therefore, my intention is to capture the beauty of the human body and turn it into an artwork. In its naked vulnerability, the body is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It serves me as a physical model that enables to create masterpieces that offer thousands of angles of view. By casting technique, I create a cast of body. The relief allows the body to be understood as a design in its simple perfection. The design, which was created by Mother Nature. I’m just an interpreter.

About me.

I was born in Svidník, Slovakia. After the secondary studies at School of Applied Arts in Košice I graduated from Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. During my studies I devoted my time to illustration, comics, painting, photography, animation, industrial and graphic design, 3D graphics, and other forms of artistic expression. I worked in an advertising agency where I created and co-operated on a number of campaigns and publications. My portfolio includes more than 200 CD covers, MCs for the Slovak and Czech popular music performers. For my work, specifically “The CD Cover of The Year”, I was awarded the Slovak Grammy Award twice. After 20 years of commercial production, I have decided to leave the commercial world and devote myself entirely to my own artwork.


The idea of setting up my own artistic studio with a specific purpose had been established earlier. But it has become a reality only later and now it allows me to combine my craftsmanship with creative activity, which the keyboard and mouse did not allow before. The art studio was set up in 2014. The creation of art works is a technologically demanding process directly utilizing the human body. Work is a complex manual activity – the synergy of many professions.


The body is the foundation, from which I make the relief acts, using different techniques. In order to express the design of the body, I’m looking for aerodynamic curve, which is just perfect on its own. With a subtle erotic sub-tone with distinctive colour and artistic style, the works gain an exclusive look. That is also why my work is accessible and understandable to all people. Apart from the professional and general public, my works can be also judged by the blind.

Casting process.

The most important part of the process is to properly arrange the body. This determines the overall look. I am looking for a compromise with an emphasis on dignity to highlight the physical quality of the casted body and at the same time to ensure that the human model is able to withstand the process. Silicone is applied to the overall body and a negative silicone form is formed. After solidification, the form is gradually and patiently removed from the body. For the human model the entire process at this point ends. Removing the casting form is very difficult work; it can be easily damaged or deformed. The form is checked, repaired, and filled with casting material. After its solidification, the silicone form is finally removed. I get a raw casting that passes through a series of necessary processes – from grinding, retouching to surface treatment.

Casting production.

Colourful colours, new technologies, and treatments with various effects make it possible to “dress up” the body in significant clothing. This gives to the work the original look. Each product is unique and inimitable. The works are made of alabaster plaster and acrylic. Their attractiveness is adequate to modern times, to technological possibilities, to new material, but also to a change in the mindset of nudity as the beauty of the human body. These statues do not require separate space in the interior. They are crafted to hang on the wall to give them the dominant height and replace the classical paintings.

Each body is just different. However, yours can be eternal.